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Thinking With the Wrong Head

The Misadventures of a Certified Idiot

Thinking with the Wrong Head by Liam Peters

Do you have sexually humiliating stories where you would rather die in a horrific way than share? You know, the ones that would make your parents immediately disown you or wish they had used contraceptives. Well, Liam has dozens. And he spills ALL of his dirty tea, so you don’t have to. He doesn’t leave a drop in his mug.

Simply put, he has lived in a spiral of continuous fuckups. And no subject for Liam is considered too embarrassing, shocking or too close to home to be left untold. Thinking With the Wrong Head delivers unbridled stupidity, degeneracy and more sexual chaos than one would imagine possible.

However, in this genuine account, his reckless yet relatable nights out prove that dysfunction and manic ADHD can be used for the greater good—by sharing his fuckups with the world, all with unsanitized honesty. You’re not alone. Liam Peters has got you—we’re all in this madness together.

How would you react if a high-class fetish escort (you never paid a penny for) got a tattoo of how you own them on their ass just days after you met? Swipe right for Liam’s answer.

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February 26, 2024





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